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In this rapidly advancing macroeconomic landscape, new trends of growth continually emerge. For example, artificial reality now includes a wide range of day-to-day applications, enabling the “fourth wave” of industrialization. Computing power will lead to further innovation and the expansion of intellectual property-related sales.

Today, approximately 10 % of the global gross domestic product (GDP) is associated with virtual industries. We at IRISOS have acquired our investment expertise in this expanding field.

We offer a strategy that differentiates for your benefit, by
  • Optimizing growing opportunities in a global market in which "intellectual property intensive companies" have priority over "capital and work intensive companies"
  • Actively tracking the investment universe to prevent unintended exposure and sources of risk
  • Delivering consistent performance based on strong secular growth trends and strong conviction calls

Digital Age Transformation


We have now entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), a time of exciting opportunities. Digitally connected companies are driving greater returns than those still lingering in the hard-wired world of investment. 

Successful 4IR companies make most of their sales thanks to their strong intellectual property assets. They operate in cyber-security, advanced robotics, automation, IOT and IOE, cloud operations, next-generation genomics, and mobile internet and connectivity, among other emerging fields. 

Our Digital Transformation certificate universe examines more than 400 4IR companies for you, simplifying your investment choices to the best performing digital stocks.

Our Selection and Assessment MetricsCompany metrics versus market and investment univers

The certificate invests in companies that engage in technology-intensive activities and whose sales are driven by a substantial amount of intellectual property. Companies are then measured by:

  • Valuation,
  • Growth,
  • Momentum,
  • Risk,
  • Online reputation, and brand score.

Each stock is ranked according to 17 criteria against other stocks within a respective investment theme; the worst stock receiving a 0% ranking and the best stock receiving a 100 % ranking.



Back tested performance development, including standard transnational costs, taxes, and management fees. All figures are in % and with reference currency USD.

Strategy: Digital Transformation


EuroStoxx 600

MSCI World




Company metrics versus market and investment themes

Dare To Compare : Performance Over Time

Figures are available for the period 01/01/2005 to 31/12/2018
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Strategic Focus

The Ultimate Hunt for Safety

In an ever-changing environment, how can you the investor generate stable performance?

Your ability to achieve the target value begins with continual tracking of solid fundamental developments. You can then use the knowledge gained to build a toolkit for further analyses. Over time, these activities translate into deeper familiarity, increased confidence, and even incremental inflection points.

But to actually achieve investment superiority, artificial intelligence is immensely valuable. The benefits of such technology to you the investor include the following:
  • Allowing you to pursue and access new opportunities as and when they arise,
  • Providing you with a strategy that diligently tracks fundamental, technical, and meta-data to dynamically rebalance your portfolio, and
  • Enabling you the get a jump on the “first-come, first served” principal that is key to maximizing your performance.


Why this concept makes all the difference
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Optimize according to your requirements
  • Gain experience, insight, and global capabilities

Hephaos: Optimize your portfolio with our primary subscription option


Select up to 600 stocks for monitoring. 12 reporting tools provide elementary equity analysis and timely buy/sell signals. Follow your investments.


Hebeos: Our fully-fledged investment management solution tailored for you


Tailored guidance throughout the entire investment process. Create 6 portfolios, containing up to 150 shares from 28 different investment themes.


Ilitheos: Your tailor-made and fully automated investment solution


Demand the best! A subscription completely tailored to your requirements! Can be fully-automated right up to the settlement of your orders.

Aros: Our newly calibrated investment themes.

Try IRISOS for three months…you'll be convinced.



Make Informed Investment Decisions

Tap into innovative research and market insights to empower you to succeed.

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