A new vision, a new concept: ALPHEGA

In this section we provide an insight into our state-of-the-art sequential algorithm ALPHEGA, which underpins and produces all of the output provided by our web application, PLACITUM.

ALPHEGA gathers, consolidates, monitors, enhances and updates both internal and external market and firm information and shares it with the world.

ALPHEGA acts within a precise analytical framework and clearly defined process. It’s capable of resolving complex issues and undertaking multi-dimensional and multi-linear readings of data.

Now that ALPHEGA has been launched into the digital world, it allows:

  • The creation and evaluation of a multitude of investment themes.
  • The calibration of up-to-the-minute market data with your portfolio.
  • The coordination and implementation of multiple analyses, with the key aim being to inform you when to buy and sell.
ALPHEGA was built to provide its users, you, with a sustainable and flexible way, to manage your assets with insight at all times.

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What does ALPHEGA offer?

Think bigger

and become more efficient with PLACITUM

Together, the ALPHEGA algorithm and the web application, PLACITUM, provide users with a series of financial studies and analyses (in graphical and table format) of your pre-selected shares and portfolios, in accordance with your subscription.

An investment always involves a transfer of risk to the purchaser; but IRISOS will help you be better prepared with a fully-fledged service which includes the:

  • Choice of investment themes.
  • Segmentation and selection of equities.
  • Identification of opportunities .
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) .
  • Analyses, comparison, and identification of levers.
  • External and internal promotion of results.

Only IRISOS puts your investment in context.

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IRISOS, access to financial information is a right. Knowledge is power.