PLACITUM subscriptions comparison

Your best subscription choice depends on your specific needs and goals (i.e. single stock portfolio or pre-defined portfolio strategies).
To assist you in making an informed choice, a comparative analysis of our subscriptions is provided below.

Ilitheos provides a complete and fully-automated individual asset management solution. It includes the identification of your personal needs and requirements, asset allocation, market diagnosis, buy and sell signals, and the implementation of trades. With Ilitheos, direct access to the marketplace can be activated and trades automatically settled, with proceeds forwarded to a number of depository banks located in Switzerland.
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Very Dynamic
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Institutional offer
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For asset managers,  fund mangement companies, etc.
Maximum stocks
2000 All
Available stocks
2000 All
Analysis financial tools
Investment themes
Free equity selection
Free investment theme selection
Equity selection per currency
Equity selection per country
Elementary studies
Pro and contra analyses
Minimum Assets: CHF 10M
On demand company assessment
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