PLACITUM subscriptions comparison

Your best subscription choice depends on your specific needs and goals (i.e. single stock portfolio or pre-defined portfolio strategies).
To assist you in making an informed choice, a comparative analysis of our subscriptions is provided below.

Hebeos is a complete investment management service you are able to implement yourself. It offers a variety of pre-defined investment themes, classified according to their risk and reward profiles. With the output of your financial and risk profile, Hebeos will create an asset allocation proposal that draws from a number of investment themes, tailor made to fit your profile precisely.
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Dynamic Equity Investment Opportunities Balanced Equity Investment Strategies +
Maximum stocks
150 50
Available stocks
450 450
Analysis financial tools
Investment themes
Free equity selection
Free investment theme selection
Equity selection per currency
Equity selection per country
Elementary studies
Pro and contra analyses
Minimum Assets: CHF 10M
On demand company assessment
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